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Calling all preemie parents!... 

We know there are a lot of preemie parents out there who are super proud of their tiny bundle of joy, so why not share some of your gorgeous snaps with us.
You know doubt know from your own experience that many people think preemies are just born small and that's where it ends. So why not help us spread the word and increase awareness of the issues surrounding preterm birth so we can get better resources and support for parents and preemies. Please send us your high resolution photos or short vids to - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

AlbertEinstein_iconOne of the greatest minds in history, Albert Einstein was born preterm.

Help us help you!

help us help you! is here to provide preemie information, community and solutions to the people that need it most... you!
Preemie Help is also looking to provide a resource for any professionals that have contact with preterm babies and children in order to help them best understand the challenges that face a preemie. Get in contact to help us impact preemies.

Preemie, Premmie, or Prem?

Most babies spend between 38 and 42 weeks in their mother’s uterus. So, technically a preterm birth, preemie, premmie, or prem, is an infant who is born less than 37 completed gestational weeks. 

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New Release - Preemie Development

All in one easy to read eguide

‘The complete preemie guide to: ‘Preemie development’ is the must have guide to the NICU for new preemie parents.

With an easy-to-read layout this comprehensive guide is over 130 pages of important information about the NICU and your preemie.

Using Adobe’s .pdf format makes the guide usable across a wide range of platforms from ipad to PC, smartphone to macbook.

Packed with extra features like progress charts, NICU checklists and plenty of others. ‘The preemie guide’ is a must for any new parents.