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Parenting a preemie can be tough and it's important to find ways of coping and looking after your own health. It can also make you feel more in control if you can learn some great strategies to help with your prem's learning and development.


Finding a balance and a way forward

Parenting a preemie can be challenging and is a significant life transition. It is important that you find time and ways of taking care of your own health and wellbeing. Eating well, staying fit and healthy, and getting enough rest and relaxation are vital for optimal health. Maintaining and caring for relationships, especially with your partner is also important. If you need it, don't discard the option of professional assistance. Also, find advice about optimizing development and learning strategies to help with thinking & behavior difficulties.

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Alcohol, Pregnancy, & Preterm Birth

Alcohol Consumption, Pregnancy, & Preterm Birth

Alcohol Consumption, Pregnancy, & Preterm Birth  Read more about Alcohol, Pregnancy, & Preterm Birth by

Alcohol Consumption

Maternal alcohol consumption can have health consequences for both the mother and fetus, including fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). FASD describes a range of conditions linked to prenatal exposure to alcohol; however, effects on the baby vary widely and are difficult to predict and to diagnose. Alcohol consumption in large quantities has been associated with preterm birth and low birth weight (LBW).

(Kaminski, Rumeau, & Schwartz, 1978; Sokol et al., 2007}

In case you have a pregnant wife who continues to drink despite her delicate condition, you really need to learn how to help an alcoholic spouse before it’s too late.


Australian Stats

  • From 1995-1997 a random sample of all non-Aboriginal women giving birth in Western Australia was surveyed and of 4,839 women 80% of women consumed alcohol in the 3 months before pregnancy.

Non-Aboriginal Women (Western Australian survey)

  • More than half (59%) of women reported consuming alcohol during pregnancy
  • 15% drank in excess of the current Australian Alcohol Guideline for alcohol consumption in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • 10% drank in excess of the current Australian Alcohol Guideline for alcohol consumption in the second and third trimesters
(Colvin, Parsons, Kurinczuk, & Bower, 2007)

Aboriginal Women: 1995-1997

  • 44% reported that they drank alcohol during pregnancy
  • 22% reported that they had become intoxicated at least once during pregnancy
(Zubrick, Lawrence, Mitrou, Dalby, & Blair, 2005)
Alcohol and Pregnancy Project. Alcohol and Pregnancy: Health Professionals Making a Difference. Perth: Telethon Institute for Child Health Research; 2007.

Canadian Stats

  • 2000-2001: 12.2% of mothers reported drinking alcohol during pregnancy.
  • 2003: 12.4% of mothers reported drinking alcohol during pregnancy.
  • 2005: 10.5% of mothers reported drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Alcohol Consumption: Pregnancy and Age

  • Reported alcohol use in pregnancy varied by age of the mother. Older mothers were generally more likely than younger mothers to report alcohol consumption. Estimates of alcohol consumption among women 15 to 19 years of age fluctuated considerably from 2000–2001 to 2003 to 2005.
Public Health Agency of Canada. Canadian Perinatal Health Report, 2008 Edition. Ottawa, 2008.

AlbertEinstein_iconOne of the greatest minds in history, Albert Einstein was born preterm.

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Preemie, Premmie, or Prem?

Most babies spend between 38 and 42 weeks in their mother’s uterus. So, technically a preterm birth, preemie, premmie, or prem, is an infant who is born less than 37 completed gestational weeks. 

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