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Welcome to preemie help

Preemiehelp is a community hub and expert resource, a place where families and friends come together to find easy to understand information, support, and solutions for anyone requiring anything related to preterm birth

Preemiehelp.com provides enhanced access to the latest research on short and long term consequences of preterm birth, as well as, all the terminology and information you need to know before, during, and after having a preemie baby. A clear, easy-to-follow structure, simple navigation, and user friendly search functions make it easy to find the information you are looking for, all in one convenient location.

Key components of Preemiehelp.com

There are several key components that will contribute to the products and services of preemiehelp.com:

  • Information Resource

    Currently there is no one place where would-be parents and preemieparents can access relevant health information. The average “parent” is overwhelmed with hundreds of sources for books and other health information – preemiehelp will provide one convenient location to access preemie products, preemie-related health services, and a supportive community network tailored specifically for preemie parents.

  • Support Services

    Preemiehelp.com will provide support services and advice for mothers at high risk of preterm birth, those who have experienced preterm birth, and preterm children themselves.  Preemiehelp.com will form contractual relationships with health experts who will provide a range of supportive products and services, including psychological, financial, nutritional, and fitness needs.

  • Off-and On-line Community

    Preemiehelp.com will organise fundraising and information-based events to raise community awareness and support for preterm infants and their families. For online users, Preemiehelp.com will offer virtual support groups, chat rooms, and health expert forums.

  • Expert Interaction

    Site users can correspond with experts (nurses, clinical psychologists, researchers, paediatricians) via periodically organised expert forums.  Preemiehelp.com will also arrange preemiehelp seminars where an expert in the field will make a presentation and avail themselves for questions, creating a sense of sharing and community spirit.

  • Prevention Strategies

    Preemiehelp.com understand the challenge of changing unhealthy behaviours, such as smoking, no exercise, and poor diet, without help.  Preemiehelp.com offer professional services to tailor exercise regimes and diet requirements to cater for individual needs. Preemiehelp.com also provide practical advice, support, and links to expert resources.

  • Screening & training

    Preemiehelp.com produce a range of innovative products & services to track development, develop skills, and screen for difficulties.

Our Vision

We envisage developing our consumers into knowledgeable, responsible, and proactive users of health services for the betterment of maternal and children’s health. They will be empowered by current, practical, and personalised products and services from expert practitioners and industry leaders. By providing an extensive resource base and practical healthcare solutions we will contribute to the improvement of maternal health and health outcomes for children.

Preemiehelp's Core values

  • To increase community understanding of the impact of preterm birth
  • Ease the burden of the immense human and financial cost of preterm birth
  • Minimise the emotional & financial impact of preterm birth
  • To apply results of worldwide research towards programs of support, treatment, and prevention

Preemiehelp's Mission

  • Our mission is to reduce the number and impact of preterm birth globally.
  • Create an invaluable resource for parents of preemies and preemies themselves

The preemiehelp Ladybird Logo

Preemiehelp has developed idea that preemies are very much like a ladybird. Although they are small they have an amazing desire to shine.


Preemiehelp hopes to make the ladybird an international symbol for preemies. Which identifies the nature of being preemie and inturn promotes awareness of the preemie cause.

Our logo is a reflection of the positive and passionate commitment we have to building the best resource for everything related to preterm birth.

The brightly coloured flower indicates the nurturing parental figure: supportive, proactive, strong, and hopeful.

The ladybird resting on the flower indicates a preemies’ desire to shine and meet life’s challenges. We believe, like a ladybird, even though preemies are small they are able to take on the world regardless of their size.

In some cultures a ladybird is considered a sign of good fortune. They symbolise our drive to provide the most comprehensive resource to everyone who needs support, advice, or assistance.

In parts of Northern Europe it is traditional to make a wish if a ladybird landed on you.

Children in the United States have the same idea and they will make a wish as they blow on the ladybird and head home so the wish will come true.

In Italy, many believe that if a ladybird flies into your bedroom you will have good luck.

In central Europe, if a ladybird crawls across a woman’s hand it is thought to mean she will get married within the year.



In the tradition of so many other cultures that see ladybirds as a symbol of good fortune, we believe all preemies are special and deserve all the positive support and direction that we can source from any field necessary.

It's continually growing... get involved!

Everyday you’ll find new information, ever growing 'preemie connect' live community components and offer, amongst other things forums for you to discuss issue important to you with other parents of preemies.

Please explore the expert information on preemiehelp.com and come back often to find more on a range of different topics, like the NICU, micro preemies, strategies to help difficult behaviour, kangaroo care, developmental milestones, bonding with your preemie, and much, much more.

Feel free to drop us a line or let us know what information you’d love to see available and we’ll do our best to ensure that it’s up ASAP. In the meantime have a browse through the site.

We know having a preemie can be a difficult time, so we extend to you our positive thoughts and best wishes.



Help us help you!

help us help you!

Preemiehelp.com is here to provide preemie information, community and solutions to the people that need it most... you!
Preemie Help is also looking to provide a resource for any professionals that have contact with preterm babies and children in order to help them best understand the challenges that face a preemie. Get in contact to help us impact preemies.

Preemie, Premmie, or Prem?

Most babies spend between 38 and 42 weeks in their mother’s uterus. So, technically a preterm birth, preemie, premmie, or prem, is an infant who is born less than 37 completed gestational weeks. 

Read More: Defining Preterm birth



New Release - Preemie Development

All in one easy to read eguide

‘The complete preemie guide to: ‘Preemie development’ is the must have guide to the NICU for new preemie parents.

With an easy-to-read layout this comprehensive guide is over 130 pages of important information about the NICU and your preemie.

Using Adobe’s .pdf format makes the guide usable across a wide range of platforms from ipad to PC, smartphone to macbook.

Packed with extra features like progress charts, NICU checklists and plenty of others. ‘The preemie guide’ is a must for any new parents.